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  • Cover image for Reflective Practice as Professional Development
  • Cover image for Language, Identity and Education on the Arabian Peninsula
  • Cover image for L2 Selves and Motivations in Asian Contexts
  • Cover image for Honoring Richard Ruiz and his Work on Language Planning and Bilingual Education
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Crosslinguistic Influence in Multilinguals An Examination of Chinese-English-French Speakers

Author: Wai Lan Tsang | Hardback | 9781783096886

This book reports on a research project conducted in multilingual Hong Kong, where Cantonese is the mother tongue (L1) of the majority of the population and learning different foreign languages is commonplace. In addition to English, which is usually the second language (L2), more and more people learn other languages, such as French (L3…

Reflective Practice as Professional Development Experiences of Teachers of English in Japan

Author: Atsuko Watanabe | Hardback | 9781783096978

This book presents a researcher’s work on reflective practice with a group of high school teachers of English in Japan. Beginning with a series of uncomfortable teacher training sessions delivered to unwilling participants, the book charts the author’s development of new methods of engaging her participants and making use of …

Language, Identity and Education on the Arabian Peninsula Bilingual Policies in a Multilingual Context

Edited by: Louisa Buckingham | Hardback | 9781783096596

This collection examines the urban multilingual realities of inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula in the early 21st century from the perspectives of learners, teachers and researchers. Focusing on both public and private spheres, it considers the importance of both English and immigrants’ languages in a context of rapid socioeconom…

L2 Selves and Motivations in Asian Contexts

Edited by: Matthew T. Apple, Dexter Da Silva, Terry Fellner | Paperback | 9781783096732

This book fills an existing gap in language learning motivation research by examining the applications of current motivational theories and models from WEIRD (Western, educated, industrialized, rich, developed) contexts to educational systems in Asian contexts. All chapters are focused on second language (L2) motivation as it applies to …

Honoring Richard Ruiz and his Work on Language Planning and Bilingual Education

Edited by: Nancy H. Hornberger | Paperback | 9781783096688

Richard Ruiz has inspired generations of scholars in language planning and multilingual education with his unique orientations to language as a problem, a right and a resource. This volume attests to the far-reaching impact of his thinking and teaching, bringing together a selection of his published and unpublished writings on language p…

Prescription and Tradition in Language Establishing Standards across Time and Space

Edited by: Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade, Carol Percy | Hardback | 9781783096503

This book contextualises case studies across a wide variety of languages and cultures, crystallising key interrelationships between linguistic standardisation and prescriptivism, and between ideas and practices. It focuses on different traditions of standardisation and prescription throughout the world and addresses questions such as how…

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Publication of Multilingual Matters’ First Open Access Book: A Milestone for Pronunciation Assessment

This month we are publishing our first open access title, Second Language Pronunciation Assessment, edited by Talia Isaacs and Pavel Trofimovich. In this post, Talia tell us about her experiences of researching the once unfashionable topic of pronunciation as well as the importance of open access publishing. When I started doing dissertation research on pronunciation assessment in 2004 […]

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