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Why English? Confronting the Hydra

Edited by: Pauline Bunce, Robert Phillipson, Vaughan Rapatahana, Ruanni Tupas | Hardback | 9781783095841

<p>This book explores the ways and means by which English threatens the vitality and diversity of other languages and cultures in the modern world. Using the metaphor of the Hydra monster from ancient Greek mythology, it explores the use and misuse of English in a wide range of contexts, revealing how the dominance of English is being confr…

Decolonizing Primary English Language Teaching

Author: Mario E. López-Gopar | Hardback | 9781783095766

<p>This book tells the story of a project in Mexico which aimed to decolonize primary English teaching by building on research that suggests Indigenous students are struggling in educational systems and are discriminated against by the mainstream. Led by their instructor, a group of student teachers aspired to challenge the apparent world p…

Reconceptualising Authenticity for English as a Global Language

Author: Richard S. Pinner | Paperback | 9781783095667

<p>This book examines the concept of authentic English in today’s world, where cultures are in constant interaction and the English language works as a binding agent for many cross-cultural exchanges. It offers a comprehensive review of decades of debate around authenticity in language teaching and learning and attempts t…

Working Memory and Second Language Learning Towards an Integrated Approach

Author: Zhisheng (Edward) Wen | Hardback | 9781783095728

<p>This book introduces an approach to understanding and measuring working memory components and functions in second language learning, processing and development. It presents comprehensive, thorough and updated reviews of relevant literatures from cognitive sciences and applied linguistics.…

Complexity in Classroom Foreign Language Learning Motivation A Practitioner Perspective from Japan

Author: Richard J. Sampson | Hardback | 9781783095889

<p>This book explores how complex systems theory can contribute to the understanding of classroom language learner motivation through an extended examination of one particular, situated research project. Working from the lived experience of the participants, the study describes how action research methods were used to explore the dynamic co…

English for Diplomatic Purposes

Edited by: Patricia Friedrich | Paperback | 9781783095469

<p>English is used in diplomatic contexts worldwide, including in situations where none of the interlocutors are native-speakers. This ground-breaking volume brings together the perspectives of researchers and practitioners to discuss the needs of those using and learning English for Diplomatic Purposes.…

Rethinking Second Language Learning Using Intergenerational Community Resources

Edited by: Marisa Cordella, Hui Huang | Paperback | 9781783095391

<p>This book evaluates a project where formal classroom learning of a second language was supplemented with informal, natural interactions with older native speakers of the target language, delivering a number of pedagogical and societal benefits. The authors introduce a model of intergenerational, intercultural encounters which aims to pro…

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Working Memory – The Ultimate Second Language Learning Device!

Last week we celebrated the arrival of the 100th volume in our Second Language Acquisition series. This new book, Working Memory and Second Language Learning written by Zhisheng (Edward) Wen is the second volume of his in the same series. Last year we published Edward’s co-edited volume with Mailce Mota and Arthur McNeill on the  same topic (Working Memory in […]

Special offer on all our Communication Disorders titles

We are currently running a special offer on all the books in our Communication Disorders Across Languages series. Just enter the code CDAL2016 at the checkout and you will receive a 60% discount on all books and ebooks. You can see the entire list of books in the series on the series page.


Offer ends 30 April 2016.