New Series

Language, Education and Diversity

Series Editors:
Stephen May, Teresa L. McCarty, Constant Leung and Serafín M. Coronel-Molina

The Language, Education and Diversity series aims to publish work at the intersections of language policy, language teaching and bilingualism/multilingualism, with a particular focus on critical, socially-just alternatives for minoritised and/or disadvantaged students and communities. The series will be interdisciplinary, drawing on scholarship from language policy, language education, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, linguistic anthropology and the sociology of language. We welcome a variety of methodological approaches, although critical ethnographic accounts are of particular interest.

Topics to be covered by the series include:

  • * Bilingual and Multilingual Models of Education
  • * Indigenous Language Education
  • * Multicultural Education
  • * Community-based Education

All books in this series are externally peer-reviewed.

Proposals should be sent to Anna Roderick